Ellen Foley

Ellen Foley of Foley Media Group

|The Other Side of the Notebook |

Today’s Wisconsin State Journal front page blockbuster about new life for the much-debated Edgewater Hotel project by new investors led by angels Jerry Frautschi and Pleasant Rowland trumpeted some great reporting and stealthy but clever civic leadership.

While many insiders may have known about the plan, it was a surprise to many. Reporter Dean Mosiman, the dean of city reporting, kept the story quiet yet delivered a thorough and nuanced report on the development.

Full disclosure: I heard about this late last week through my work with Rippe Keane. I didn’t have the full picture until I saw the google alert on my cell phone while I was in Milwaukee for the weekend.

It was a blast to watch the story roll out from this side of the notebook.

Once again, the team of Frautschi and Rowland, husband and wife, have helped Madison move forward on a project that promises jobs and tourist dollars.

Opponents are disappointed. My consolation for them is that the massive vetting of this project took into consideration every possible constituency, and I am confident the developer will balance well the neighborhood and civic values, such as access to the lake. The Wisconsin State Journal will make sure of it!

Here it is: http://tinyurl.com/d62pz7a