The Weather Outside is Frightful…

The photos below look like black and white but they are really color photos taken with my cell phone. The first is the scene my favorite office window gives me as  I write to you. It’s a fairyland full of  snow mounds dancing in the wind and the snow burial of our lawn furniture that we forgot to cover last week.

The second photo is taken out our front door and shows the destruction of the storm. A large tree fell under the weight of the snow and a layer of frozen rain, blocking traffic our neighborhood street.

I am warily watching the tree out the back of the house because it could be next. This might mean I’ll be writing to you from the shelter because the backyard neighbors’ fir would clock our house.

Power is out on Monroe Street about three blocks away.

Ah, the yin and yang of Midwest weather. It’s gorgeous but it’s very dangerous.

Foley Media Group works through the 2012 Midwest Snow storm.

Our backyard provides inspiration as the snow flies and my fingers fly across the keyboard.

Foley Media Group works while trees fall!

Near our home office, Snowmageddon 2012 takes its toll on the trees.