I asked a question of a bunch of journalism pals today at a lunch panel. I asked what new channel we should be monitoring to get news to prepare us for the voting booth. They all said the newspaper is the best.

I was imagining they would tell us the hot new blog. They really believe the newspaper is the only verifiable place to get balanced political news. I looked out at the audience and wondered how many of my lunchmates, some of whom were scrolling through their email on their phones during lunch, practiced that.

Meanwhile, he debate continues on whether Digital First, the company, will save journalism with digital first, the strategy. I am optimistic.

Others are not.

THIS JUST IN: The Columbia Journalism Review analyzes Journal Register’s digital prowess and predicts a tough road ahead. http://www.cjr.org/the_audit/journal_register_opens_the_kim.php?page=all

The Newsosaur stuns me every time he does a post on flagging ad revenues for print. I thought it was stabilizing after the years of unfathomable losses.   I love his point that new forms of information sharing, such as the database LinkedIn, are the way for communicators to innovate.

He sets up the dire situation in which digital revenues can’t make up for dropping print revenues. The only way out is…

I hope the pundits are wrong and Paton is right.